Overall Reflection

When I saw the course educational technology on my timetable I was elated because I am fascinated about learning mastery with the computer. I enjoy any course that have to do with Information Technology. What also had me smiling was the lecturer that was assigned to teach this course, a wonderful lady by the name of Mrs. Hamilton. She taught me ICT last year and she did exceptionally well. I got an A in that course and I know I will get another in this course as well. This course has helped me a lot in preparing me with the skill to create different resources that can be used to enhance the teaching and learning process. It has also helped me individually in understanding fully the importance of incorporating technology in my lessons. Like Howard Gardener we have to cater to the different types of multiple intelligences and learning styles. I am glad I was introduced to this course as it was beneficial personally and educationally. However, for every advantage there is a disadvantage, like in accounts for every debit entry there must be a corresponding credit entry.

The major problem I had with this course was the use of the computers during class. In this course the computers are extremely important as it is used to teach the course. Every single class is either the internet not working or the computers. The technician will be there trying to fix the issue and it ends up we lose our class time. What was set out to achieve cannot be completed. This poses a big problem on the class as the teaching that was supposed to take place in order for students to understand and start their coursework in time. Regardless of this set back Mrs. Hamilton managed to complete her task. The course was one to remember as it was exciting, educating and interesting. I would recommend that this course is offered to all individuals and not just certain programmes that have to do it. Teachers need to stop telling students the fact and start showing them.